Compound interest

The sharp knife of compound interest

Anyone who has ever spent time outdoors understands and appreciates the value of a sharp knife. Whether it’s stripping wood to start a fire, using it as a kitchen utensil, cleaning a fish, or for one of the millions of other uses, the trusty knife is an essential tool. But knives also have an inherent […]

Compound interest

How my dad taught me the power of compound interest

While I’ve certainly made money mistakes in my life (who hasn’t?), I’m lucky that my parents provided me with a solid foundation of financial knowledge. They’ve taught me many money lessons that have proven useful over the years, but there’s one thing they’ve nailed particularly well: the power of compound interest. I learned about the […]

Compound interest

how to use compound interest to save for tuition

Honeymoon or student debt: what millennials choose to pay After saving up for her honeymoon, financial author Erin Lowry opted to use it for her honeymoon, rather than paying off her husband’s student debt. USA TODAY Student loans are a $1.4 trillion crisis in the United States It is the second largest consumer debt after […]

Compound market

S&P 500 liquidity risks could worsen market liquidation, BofA says

[ad_1] A shortage of liquidity has been a prominent feature of the overnight bank-to-bank lending market in recent weeks, leading to soaring lending rates of up to 10% that has forced the Federal Reserve to add liquidity to the bank. this market by providing billions of dollars in daily loans since September 17th. A similar […]