Compound statement

GBI issues statement on investigation into Marietta police shooting of man with bow

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) released its statement this afternoon after being invited by the Marietta Police Department to investigate an incident in which a man allegedly armed with a compound bow was shot and killed by a officer after refusing to drop the weapon.

[The Cobb County Courier has a policy of withholding or redacting the name of suspects unless and until the person is convicted in a court of law or enters a plea of guilty. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty, and the internet has no effective way of removing reports of arrest if the person is exonerated. We do make exceptions in high-profile cases or charges against public officials where exoneration is likely to be as widely publicized as the initial arrest]

GBI’s public information release described their investigation as follows:

The first investigation indicates that at 6:53 a.m. there was a carjacking near 1438 Peachtree Street in Atlanta. A man, later identified as [Name redacted by the Courier], 29, from Canton, GA, had just tried to hijack someone else. [Name redacted] was armed with a bow and arrow. At approximately 7:45 a.m., a Cobb County police officer responded to a car accident involving [Name redacted] at South Marietta Parkway and Atlanta Street in Marietta, Georgia. The vehicle crashed into a bridge support for a CSX railway line that passes over South Marietta Parkway. [Name redacted] exited the passenger side of the vehicle with the bow and arrow and pointed it at the Cobb County officer. An officer from the Marietta Police Department had arrived at the scene to support the Cobb County Police Officer. One of the officers fired at least one shot, hitting [Name redacted].

[Name redacted] was treated on site and transported to Wellstar Kennestone Hospital in Marietta. He would be in stable condition.

No officer was injured in this incident.

The GBI is conducting an independent investigation into the officer involved in the shooting and a separate investigation into the aggravated assault incident involving [Name redacted] Once completed, the case will be turned over to the Cobb County District Attorney’s office for review.

It’s the 75e officer involved in the filming of the GBI was invited to investigate in 2021.

The role of the GBI in shootings involving officers

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation routinely investigates shootings of individuals by police officers, as well as any time a police officer discharges a firearm while on duty, at the request of the police agency involved in shooting.

Natalie Ammons, the deputy director of the GBI public affairs office, explained to us how the system works.

Police departments are not required to request an external investigation into the shooting of the officers involved, and there is no formal agreement between the GBI and local police departments.

But the police are asking for it so that an independent body can investigate an incident involving their own officers.

Investigations are carried out by special constables in a regional office in the region where the police service is located. Cobb County and much of the rest of Metro Atlanta is in GBI Region 10, based in Conyers.

In Region 10, police officers involved in shootings and corruption investigations are the main investigations conducted by special constables, while in more rural areas with fewer police resources, officers handle a wider range of investigations. criminal.

There is no special unit or division investigating the shooting of the officers involved.

Announcements of the inquiries can be found on the GBI Press Releases web page.