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Hughie’s First Kill Made A Secret Anti-Superhero Claim

While the entire The Boys comic book series is pretty much anti-superhero, Hughie’s first kill secretly captures that sentiment perfectly.

It’s no secret that the Dynamite Comics series The boys shows superheroes in a negative light by portraying them as nothing less than depraved monsters, and HughesThe first kill was the show’s biggest, yet subtlest, anti-superhero statement.

The boys features a team of agents who have made it their mission to keep supes online by occasionally damaging their reputations and even causing physical harm in extreme circumstances. This team, known as the Boys, is led by Billy Butcher and consists of Frenchie, Mother’s Milk, the Female and Hughie Campbell. Most of the time, the boys do simple recon on any particular team of superheroes, collecting dirt on them to use as blackmail in an effort to get more information on high-level supes. or simply expose the information they discover to irreparably damage their reputation. with the aim of encouraging the other superhero teams to adopt their best behavior.


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During one such mission, the Boys turn their attention to a team of supers called the Teenage Kix, but once the heroes find out they’re being spied on, they do battle against the Boys – a battle that takes place in The boys #6 by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. In the issue, the Teenage Kix take on the Boys, though the supes didn’t know it, the Boys were fitted with a special formula of Compound V, giving all team members who didn’t already have a super powers increased strength. While they only wanted to break the Teenage Kix a bit, Hughie wasn’t used to his new powers and accidentally punched a hole in Blarney Cock, one of the superhero team members. Initially the kill is skipped as “accidents happen”, but a few issues later it’s revealed that Blarney was the son of another character known as The Legend, a fact that adds a whole other twist. lies at Hughie’s killing.

Hughie's first kill in The Boys is secretly anti-superhero.

The Legend is a crude and absolutely obnoxious parody of Stan Lee, from his cartoonish physical appearance to the fact that he was responsible for writing the iconic first edition comics for superhero teams like the Seven – transforming them in household names thanks to its original in the world. stories. When Hughie killed the legend’s son, someone who happened to be a superhero, he symbolically killed Stan Lee’s metaphorical ‘children’, that is, much of the superhero genre. hero as fans know him today. Given Stan Lee’s contribution to the superhero community, his “children” include beloved characters like Iron Man, Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man, and The boys consolidated all of his creations into one silly superhero character, Blarney Cock, then had Hughie punch a hole through him – a symbolic gesture of disdain for all of Stan Lee’s creations.

Even if this murder is the first of a long series The boysit’s easily the most impactful. The boys portrays superheroes as irredeemable villains who don’t deserve the godlike powers they wield, and just as Hughie punched a hole through Blarney Cock, the series punches a hole through the entire superhero genre by changing the light in which people see superheroes and making fans wonder if these beloved heroes are really good people below the surface. Hughesis the first murder in The boys made a secret anti-superhero statement, and it’s the most powerful of the series.

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