Compound price

James Murphy ousted DFA Records co-founder Jonathan Galkin last year. What happened?

When asked about the legal summons, Murphy said he was unable to comment on the action or any hypothetical settlement. “All I know is that it was very important to him, whether it was him or his representatives, that there be a nondisclosure and nondisclosure agreement,” he said. declared. He also claimed that DFA did not “stop” Galkin from speaking to anyone within the label.

Galkin wrote to Pitchfork: “The only settlement obtained is what I stated above”, referring to his obtaining of the unfinished DFA albums. He also said he and his lawyers had “no recollection of insisting” on “a nondisclosure and nondisclosure agreement.”

Murphy, along with current DFA Records chief executive Sam Duke, have confirmed that two other label employees were laid off last summer in addition to Galkin. While noting that he didn’t have a “big idea” of what employees were doing at DFA under Galkin’s direction, Murphy also noted financial reasons for cutting expenses.

Galkin also claimed that he and the label were not informed of the LCD Soundsystem meeting in 2016. “DFA never received any information regarding LCD Soundsystem reforming, play Coachella, sign a new agreement with Sony, or by releasing a new album-not a word. “Murphy also agreed here, noting that he owed Galkin and the label team an apology.” They didn’t know, “he said.” I felt like a dick. There is no defense in forgetting your friend and letting him dry. (As of October 2015, Galkin made a statement to Pitchfork claiming LCD Soundsystem is not meeting. LCD Soundsystem then returned in December of the same year with a Christmas song and the announcement that they would headlining Coachella 2016.)

After the dust settled after Galkin left, Murphy pointed out that DFA Records was returning and that more releases were planned. “The big job was sorting out the finances,” he said. He is also rethinking the label’s approach. “I wanted to go back to a bit of classic DFA, where we released a lot less music. We didn’t send out weekly emails with mugs and shirts. I wanted to shut up, rebuild and refocus on the community that was DFA.

Galkin said he did not speak to Murphy after his dismissal and was unwilling to get in touch. Murphy, for his part, has repeatedly wished Galkin success with FourFour. “People say this shit all the time, but some of the artists on the label are friends of mine, so I really mean it,” he said. “Even if I wanted to throw Jonathan a pie, I want him to succeed.”

Two of these FourFour musicians shared statements with Pitchfork via Galkin. “DFA has in fact abandoned the release of its new record,” wrote Eric copeland of black dice. “Also, Galkin had been working with us on the record for almost a year at that time, so it was appropriate to continue the relationship with him.” Bjorn copelandEric’s brother and band member Black Dice wrote: “Jon has been one of our biggest supporters since our debut album was released almost 20 years ago, and has always been the main person with which we have dealt at DFA. Making this album was a long and often damn process so having the support of someone who really understood our band and was enthusiastic was important to us.

Murphy isn’t convinced his words will change Galkin’s feelings and, of course, Galkin rejected Murphy’s comments, telling Pitchfork that his former partner was “never sincere.”

“If you post that I wish Jon the best of luck and hope he’s okay?” With the state of mind he seems to be in, I think he’ll think this is bullshit, ”Murphy said. “But even if I can’t stand it, he has artists I care about on his label. For him to read this later, he’s just going to be like ‘Damn James. This is such bullshit. He’s just trying to sound nice. So I am trapped.