Compound statement

Pharmally’s Ong denies lawyer’s statement against Hontiveros

MANILA – Linconn Ong, director of Pharmally, on Friday disowned his attorney’s statement against Senator Risa Hontiveros, after his legal adviser said the senator “should put a sock over her mouth.”

Ong, who is being held at the Senate premises in Pasay City, said he would not disrespect the Blue Ribbon Committee.

Hontiveros criticized Ong’s lawyer Ferdinand Topacio and showed the Senate panel an ANC quote card that read: Put a sock in his mouth. ”

But Ong didn’t like it.

“He represents me and then I heard those words … I just want to say that all these things he said … I will never do anything that will disrespect this committee, senators”, said declared Ong.

Hontiveros welcomed Ong’s statement.

Topacio had previously accused the senator of bribing witnesses during the Senate marathon hearings.


The Chairman of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, Richard Gordon, said they caught a smuggled phone at Ong’s seat in the Senate compound.

“We get reports … and they are allowed to use the OSAA phone. It shows just how … this guy could be imaginative and innovative … He was found in his room,” explained Gordon.

Ong apologized for his act but explained that he just missed his family.

“I would like to apologize to the Senate, to the OSAA. It was out of survival instinct because I really miss my family, I want to communicate with them,” said the head of Pharmally.

Gordon, however, made it clear to Ong that he could contact his family “within reasonable hours” as requested.

He also added that the act was unnecessary.

“If you continue to commit illegal acts (…) it is something that goes against you,” said the senator.

Ong was cited for contempt after senators found him evasive in his answers to questions.

Pharmally Pharmaceutical Corp is under investigation after it landed 8.5 billion pesos in contracts with the purchasing department of the Ministry of Budget and Management (PS-DBM) between April and June 2020 when it did not ‘had only 625,000 pesos in capital.

Some senators suspect that Pharmally was favored by the government because of his ties to Yang. They also alleged that the items sold to the government were overpriced.

President Rodrigo Duterte denied the existence of an overvaluation and said the agreements were blameless.